Statement from the Office of the Communications Secretary, 08 Dec. 2016

The recent pronouncements of the President pertaining to the PNP, standing by his men, are critical to maintaining their high morale, with the end in view of succeeding in the anti-drug campaign.

It should not be misinterpreted to mean that the President will intervene in investigations or any legal proceedings in order to exculpate erring cops.

On the contrary, what should be underscored is the very clear statement of the President that while he continues to adhere to the presumption of regularity in the PNP’s perfomance of its duties, he states in no uncertain terms that he will not interfere with any legal proceeding which will be brought against some members of the police force who are suspected of wrongdoing. As he said, the NBI should file cases against those who they deemed to have violated laws, and that he would not intervene in these proceedings.

In the same vein, the President respects and upholds the constitutional rights of our people to voice out grievances and even dissent against the policies and decisions of the administration. However, the President will not condone any unlawful move to wrest power from all duly elected officials of the government, including himself, who carry the mandate not only of the Filipinos who voted for them, but also of all Filipinos who firmly believe in the ideals of democracy and the rule of law. Any such ploy beyond the bounds of the law shall not be tolerated.