Talk to the People of President Rodrigo Roa Duterte on Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19)

Event Talk to the People on Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19)
Location Malacañang Golf (MALAGO) Clubhouse, Malacañang Park, Manila

PRESIDENT RODRIGO ROA DUTERTE: Balik na muna tayo dito so that the barangays are put on notice na itong Barangay Health Emergency Response Teams are present in all — practically in all barangays.

Na… Alam mo sa totoo lang ‘yung reklamo na wala naman dito, wala doon is that the government has the structure down to the barangay level. From my office down to the secretary of Health, then the regional, then the city, provincial, municipal, then the barangays. Kaya may mga barangay health workers tayo eh. And I hope that we have been using the — their services actually to maximize, to help us deliver all of these things sa tao.

Dito sa previous page, mayroon ditong naka — it is heightened by a yellow — 20,178 ang active cases, 15 percent decrease in two weeks. Ito ba’y dilawan lang? Walang ano?

DOH SECRETARY FRANCISCO DUQUE III: Sorry for the color shade. [laughs]

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Baka… Well, anyway, I’m really satisfied with the response of the local government. Alam mo sa totoo lang mga kababayan ko huwag kayong masyadong maniwala diyan sa mga atake-atake na ano, it will just muddle up your mind.

Nandito ho kami, our purpose is to serve and to work. Iyan ang ano namin. Kung hindi kami mag… If we cannot serve, if we cannot work, then we might as well get out of government and ask somebody else to take over.

Itong sabi ko na noon, the earlier fears on what organization to use, I said, “What organization?” Government itself is one big organization. And government is really a government, an organization dedicated to the needs of the people. Hindi na kailangan niyan. Kaya ito nandito na ngayon. We are using the barangay health workers. ‘Di ba may bayad ‘yan sila?

SEC. DUQUE: Mayroon po silang allowances, Mr. President.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Yeah, kaya nga. It’s not the money but they are also — they get a little for the efforts that they are doing for the community where they live.

Now, on other matters, gusto ko lang malaman ninyo nakinig na kayo that for the rest of the Philippines it’s a modified general community quarantine, and the country which has to remain in the status of general community quarantine were named already. I hope you got your sites correct there because especially now that the classes will finally start.

I cannot — you know, Secretary Briones is one human being na talagang — she can be adamant at times but always insistent that even with this pandemic evolving in front of us, that education should not be put aside or just pushed in one corner.

Para sa kanya, the way I see it, is that you fight your COVID-19 and I will do my own thing. So we have to, you know, make some adjustments here to address everybody’s concern. Since it is her worry, the education, so let’s give it to her as long as the students are protected.

Now, with the classes going to start, our students now will rely heavily on the use of electronics. I cannot discuss the specific gadgets because talagang ignorante ako diyan. I must confess.

But itong — the eternal complaint ever since telco came into being, it has been the agony of the Filipino people why until now ang telcos natin is very poor. Far and wide in between the years of its introduction, ang telco from the beginning or the telcos right from the beginning were already being complained of as not delivering the money’s worth of the people.

I don’t know how to go about this but may I just appeal to iyong mga telecommunications to — can you — can you do a better job? Is there life after this kind of service that you are delivering to the public? Kasi kung kaya ko lang na mag-isang salita nandiyan na kaagad, matagal na itong natapos itong problema ng Pilipinas and even in the matter of…

You know, sometimes the operations or expansion of telcos are hindered by itong the so many requirements from the barangays down and ito namang community… Well, of course, you have every right — every citizen has the right to raise grievance. But maniwala kayo wala naman itong talagang… Let the telcos do their job, allow them to build the structures, towers if you may, para naman ma-improve nila. It’s a chicken and — chicken and egg thing eh. Which comes first. So your cooperation or the zeal of the telcos to do better.

Iyong iba — well, for one reason or another, hindi naman lahat, medyo… Of course, most of the mayors are good. I am not referring to them. I’m referring sometimes to the locals, barangay, making it hard for the telcos to improve. So saan diyan sa dalawa. Ako, kay kung sa akin lang, kung madiretso ko ito.

But one thing is in the coming days, we have to talk about this. You know, we have to talk about this seriously actually. This has been bogging the country for so long. It pisses me off to no end really to be discussing these telcos because ang karamihan walang service dito, walang service doon. I said that’s chicken or egg thing. Whether it’s because of the absence of the towers, they are not allowed to build or erected, or itong walang kapasidad itong telcos to invest more.

Kung ako lang ang masunod na ano… Alam mo Congress — I appeal again to Congress. I cannot fight corruption, I cannot find — I cannot find an answer for [I forgot, it was in my — it was within a gray matter between my ears] how to move people who are almost na resistant to finding fault and resisting moves of government to improve.

Wala eh, barang-bara. So Congress might want to enact a legislation. You know it’s not — it has not been done for the — for the — you know not in the Philippines. It’s only done in Parliamentary countries where the Prime Minister is grilled during the Question Hour.

But I want Congress to know that I’m ready to appear there in Congress and discuss with them, but they should allow me to talk first then discuss how we can cut corruption. Simplify the Ease of Doing Business. I have some recommendation, almost radical.

But I will try to begin tomorrow shaking the tree sa PhilHealth. Balak ko mag-reorganize and impose upon them a single line of authority. No more so many… Wala namang iba diyan eh. There are so many tables there in an office, hindi lang PhilHealth, na who can do the work, who can process the papers without really having a discretion whether or not he should be hanging on it, he’s sitting on it.

Wala eh, basta ang kanila magdaan sa kanila na hindi naman kailangan. Kung dadaan man — if at all that the papers will pass their desk, that they have no discretions at all. So ang sabi ko sa Congress limitahan natin. Three days, three days, three days, that’s — that’s enough. I’m sure… Otherwise, you guys are not doing your work. I mean three days if you really put your heart into it and work hard, you can finish the job.

Let us say even one week. But ‘yung months and years… I will name the office probably towards the end of the year. Iyong na — may application na umabot ng dalawang taon, p***** i** ninyo magbantay kayo mumurahin ko talaga kayo. I will name you in public and put you to shame that I am suspecting that you are waiting for some remuneration that is not due you and you are not doing anything. Naghihintay ka lang ng pera.

Basta kung may magreklamo, I — I encourage the citizens to — dito gusto ninyo. I don’t know how long this program would last. But if you really want to have your complaints, you write me a letter and I will read it here kung sino ‘yung nakahawak ng papel nang matagal. And maybe if it is inordinately delayed, I will ask the idiot to sit there — to sit here in this table, tapos ibuhos ko itong tubig sa mukha niya.

You better come up with an explanation that is really good to hear because kung mawalaan ako ng pasensya, bastusin talaga kita, or Congress can call me and we will discuss anong…? I do not — I do not have any qualms about you setting up oversight committees. That is good. More people watching the people’s money, the better. Wala akong ano diyan sa sabihin ninyo intrusion into the domain of the separation of power because it’s legit.

You can do it and you can make it stricter and more hard for people to… Wala eh, sabi ko nga sa… Ewan ko kung sabihin ko ito sa inyo. I offered to resign as President. Pinatawag ko ‘yung lahat ng… Sabi ko na I have — kasi nagsasawa na ako.

In my years of government, wala ng katapusan itong — sa mayor. But mayor — being a mayor is just a small organization. Talagang wala ng katapusan itong corruption. Mahirap talaga pigilin. Maski ‘yang mga pastillas, hanggang ngayon. Even with the investigation or the clamor for government to be — I said to shake the tree, wala. Sige hanggang ngayon, it’s being committed everyday.

Now, can you stop it? You cannot. There is no way. I’m telling you with my experience as a prosecutor for the Tanodbayan noon. I was a special prosecutor for the Tanodbayan ang predecessor ng Ombudsman. But at the same time, I was a city prosecutor for Davao City. I was having a dual role there.

I was sent out of Davao City to prosecute cases outside of my jurisdiction, in other cities. I toured Mindanao several times just prosecuting cases. Wala hanggang ngayon wala akong ano, nandiyan pa rin. And it starts even diyan sa ‘yung Land Registration. You are really notoriously even in the provinces of — sometimes the employees run to that mill of the grid of bureaucracy. Mag-imbento ng mga peke na dokumento. Marami diyan. Iyang — ‘yang — ‘yang — I prosecuted about seven itong p***** i**** Land Registration. In fairness to Secretary Guevarra, he was not yet around at that time. Bago lang ‘yan siya ngayon. But sa Muntinlupa ganoon rin.

Alam mo, panoorin niyo ‘yang sine, Netflix. If you do not have it, find a neighbor that has one, connects you with the internet. What is really appalling — ? I cannot seem to fathom, hindi ko maabot ang rason, why the drug syndicates of almost all over the world is run by people who are in prison kagaya ng… America ganoon rin, the mafia. Itong dito sa Pilipinas, ‘yon galing dito. They do not really bother about — because in the end, they can buy their freedom and go out.

Iyan sila they are not so concerned of how many tonelada ang… Kasi kung ako lang, kung mahuli kita, dalhin na kita doon sa Bonifacio o sa madilim na lugar diyan. I will hang you. I will not waste a bullet. Mahal ang bala ng M16 ngayon. Kailangan ko pa ng giyera in fighting this — komunista isa pa rin.

While we are suffering, busy tending to the sick Filipinos, wala namang ginawa itong mga buang na ‘to kung hindi mag… You know, tell me, since the time Sison first talked sa Intramuros nakinig kami, tell me: Was there a time that you guys were able to hold a barangay dito? Influence, yes, because tinatakot ninyo pagka gabi na. Pero magsabi physically occupy a town, even a barangay, the smallest and proclaim independence or belligerency?

Tell me, kayong mga Pilipino, kayong pumapasok pa, p***** i** ninyo, mamamatay na lang kayo, iniiwan ninyo  pamilya  ninyo. Kaya ako nagalit noong ano. Sabi ko nga itong mga babae na ito… That — that led to that cry for women’s ano. Bisaya ‘yan, ginagamit — it’s an idiom sa Bisaya ‘yang mga ganon, ‘yung ano mo.

Wala talaga. Puro patay, hindi na nakikita ng nanay pati tatay. And worst, itong mag-asawa. Susmaryosep. Hindi ka naman kailangan ng…  Pagkaganon, alisin ko na lang ‘yung mga National High School diyan sa malalayong lugar. Kung hindi pa naman mapasukan ng rason ‘yung utak ninyo. You have not scored a victory.

Itong PhilHealth, I am going to propose to Congress to abolish the… Kung i-privatize mo naman, susmaryosep, walang pera. Sino insurance mo…? Huwag mo sabihin ng mga kapitalista sa insurance: Kami ang magbayad? Wala kayong pondo.

That is why we are selling properties. That is the reason why we are selling properties, real estate properties in Japan because we have to raise money. Wala nang pambayad ‘yang sa PhilHealth na ‘yan kung… Kaya walang ibang remedy diyan. It must be a surgical move. Talagang… Kung hindi, paalisin ko sans the itong mga Civil-Civil Service.

Create a new agency out of that — out of the ruins of that old one. Hindi — hindi na puwede, Secretary Duque. Hindi na puwede na itong mga tao na ito they are already entrenched na. Wala, walang mangyari. Talagang either I’m going to revamp, consider everybody resigned there and if there’s the structure, we can slowly… And ‘yung i-disband ‘yung ibang ano. Just a simple — I mean as simple as it could ever be. That’s what I mean.

So iyon ang mga — those are my thoughts, mga kababayan. If I offended you with bad words, sabi ng pari bad words. Kasi kami noon… Ewan ko lahat, marami nang namatay sa classmate ko. Parehas ‘yan si Dominguez, kababata ko ‘yan. Noon mo — sa eskuwela sa Ateneo during our time, if you are heard or caught speaking in the vernacular, jog — jogging ka tawag, jogging is 1,000 words after school has… You are detained there. I will not talk and I will always talk in English.  Maski na pabaluktot ka pa-English-English ka diyan, kailangan mag-English ka.

And I don’t know if I have — it has improved my character or not. Lahat kami noon ‘di makapagsalita ng… Ngayon iyan gawain mo sa akin? I-deport kita. T*** i** niyo. Why should I not talk in the vernacular? This is my country. You have to teach me another way of doing it but not as a sort of a punishment just because I am talking in Visayan.

Iyon lang po. Iyong telco, it’s school time. About a good percentage of our students — studentry are really dependent already on the itong mga Facebook-Facebook and whatever learning that they could get from there. Pero diyan din ang…

You know democracy comes with a price. Kita niyo sinabi man niyo kanina, may nagbabastos. And it came in the ori — it originated from a parang parochial — private, mga madre ang ano… I don’t know, I’m not — hindi ko naman sinasabi madre. Galing lang doon. We were — I was talking — I was being asked kanina by the — kami nag-uusap kung what sort of punishment. Siguro if minor, we’ll have to deal with a minor. Minor is minor. Pero kung matanda na ‘yan, ipadala mo sa Maynila, sampalin ko lang.

Yes, Secretary Año? Ikaw ang magsampal?

DILG SECRETARY EDUARDO AÑO: Nag-usap-usap na po kami nila Senator Bong Go po. Nag-iimbestiga na po ang DepEd at saka ang Philippine National Police at magbibigay po kami ng aming rekomendasyon. Maganda po talaga na tuluyan ng kaso ito para huwag pong pamarisan.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Correct, you know why? It is… The Facebook is as wide as the universe. Ang use niyan? It can create, you know lahat, bastos; create trouble or wala, ‘yung wala nang magawa. It has opened a Pandora’s box. You know the… Lumalabas na lahat ng ano, ang lahat ng kap****** na maisip ng tao na ilagay diyan. It has opened a Pandora’s box and I think that we should be stricter more often.

At itong Facebook naman, I just — from what I have learned in the past days na pati ‘yung advocacy ng gobyerno tinatanggal. So what’s the purpose of you being here if government itself — ?

Facebook, listen to me. We allow you to operate here hoping that you could help us also. Now, if government cannot espouse or advocate something which is for the good of the people, then what is your purpose here in my country?

Tapos iyong left, ini-encourage kayo, then you believe in the left and to the point of almost make a sweeping move to iyong sa health — website ng health, military, we are fighting a war.

You know, Facebook, insurgency is about overturning government. What would be the point — I said before, in my eyes — what would be the point of allowing you to continue if you cannot help us? We are not advocating mass destruction, we are not advocating mass massacre. It’s a fight of ideas. And apparently from the drift of your statement or your position is that it cannot be used as a platform for any… It is so convoluted. I cannot understand it.

But ito na lang, tell me kung bakit hindi ko magamit para sa kapakanan ng taong-bayan? If government cannot use it for the good of the people, then we have to talk. We have to talk sense. If we are promoting the cause of the rebellion which is already — which or rather which was already here before you came, and so many thousands of my soldiers and civilians dying, then if you cannot reconcile the idea of what your purpose is or was, then we have to talk. I don’t know what I will do, but we have to talk.

Hindi na puwede na… You cannot lay down a policy for my government. I allow you to operate here. You cannot bar or prevent me from espousing the objectives of government.

No government in this wide world espouses killing or execution or whatnot. But you know that there is a left there — the left is the National Democratic Front and that’s the — then they have the New People’s Army as an organ of that.

So, kung hindi tayo magkaintindihan diyan, mag-usap tayo ulit. Is there life after Facebook? I don’t know. Pero mag-usap tayo.

Mga kababayan ko, pardon my — my long speech. Sometimes I have to — ibubuhos ko kasi para maintindihan ninyo kasi kung hindi tayo magkaintindihan nitong Facebook na ito, I really do not know but my job is to protect government interest. It’s not even anybody’s job, akin iyan. To protect government interest always. If you cannot help me protect government interest, then let us talk. We may or we may not find the solution. If we cannot, then I’m sorry.

Mga kababayan ko, maraming salamat sa pagtangkilik ba iyan — tama? Pagtangkilik. Sa Bisaya ‘yung kilid is side. Side-side, side by side. Pagtangkilik sa amin dito at maraming salamat po. Magandang gabi. [applause]

SEC. DUQUE: Mr. President, we are recommending the community quarantine classification of certain LGUs. Ito po ay patungkol sa kanilang bagong community quarantine classification ng mga probinsiya, highly urbanized cities, at independent component cities para po sa darating na buwan ng Oktubre.

Ang pinakamataas na community quarantine classification ay MECQ at para sa isang lalawigan, ito po ang Lanao del Sur, including Marawi City.

At anim naman po ang maisasailalim sa GCQ. Ito po ang NCR, Batangas, Tacloban City, Bacolod City, Iligan City, at Iloilo City. Habang ang natitirang 98 na probinsiya at mga highly urbanized cities and independent component cities ay nasa ilalim ng MGCQ. This is actually the lowest community quarantine status, Mr. President, just before it progresses into the new normal, so to speak.

Para po sa Iloilo City, ang previous classification nila na MECQ ay ipapatupad na lamang hanggang sa katapusan ng September. Ang kanilang bagong classification na GCQ ay ipapatupad mula sa October 1 at batay na rin sa updated data at rekomendasyon ng kanilang pamunuang lungsod.


— END —


SOURCE: PCOO-PND (Presidential News Desk)