President Duterte vows better lives for Filipinos in three years

President Rodrigo Duterte on Thursday, May 4, 2017, vowed that there will be improvement in the lives of Filipinos in three years’ time as he assured that his administration will beef up efforts to end corruption, criminality and illegal hard drugs.

At the Opening Ceremony of the 27th Philippine Orthopaedic Association Mid-Year Convention in Davao City, President Duterte reiterated his campaign promise to address corruption, criminality and illegal hard drugs.

“In the fullness of God’s time. You give me three years and I will be able to stabilize the country. By that time, medyo on deck na tayo for a new phase of our national lives,” the President said.

“At this time, it’s quite convoluted itong mga problema natin. But I’m trying to manage somehow to navigate the waters of governance so that I can deliver,” he said.

Duterte said he is trying his very best to address corruption, underscoring that he fired many government officials who were involved in corruption, including those who are close to him.

But while he can do a lot in fighting corruption, he said it is only the people who can stop it by not caving in to the demands of abusive officials.

“Kayo lang ang tao eh. It is only the Filipino who can stop corruption. It is not me,” Duterte said.

The President added that the government has already carried out some changes, including prohibiting the opening of bags and luggage of OFWs returning from abroad.

Other challenges confronting the country are crime and illegal hard drugs. He said he will do his best to control crime.

With regard to illegal hard drugs, the President remains uncompromising, stressing that the illegal hard drug problem is a little bit controlled now.

The President also shared his views on the non-confirmation of Environment Secretary Gina Lopez, which he said is beyond his control.

“And sayang si Gina. I really like her passion but I remember talking about her in one of — ganitong gathering. It was not about the purpose for which they were really gathered in Malacañang, but I made a pinch-hit for her,” Duterte said.###PND