President Duterte leads Labor Day rites in Davao City

DAVAO CITY — President Rodrigo Duterte led the observance of the Labor Day here on Monday, May 1, underscoring his pro-worker stance and reiterating his commitment to advance workers’ interests.
Before speaking with the members of the labor sector, the President had a dialogue with trade union leaders and workers at the People’s Park.

The President raised the issue of contractualization noting his government is addressing it but he appealed to give his administration more time.
“They’re still in the process of doing it. But I said and I say now: I stand firm in my convictions to end endo. The Labor Code guarantees all workers on the rights to security of tenure,” he said in his speech.
“This has to be strictly enforced. Panahon lang. To this end, I will issue an executive order directing the strict implementation of existing provisions of laws against endo and labor-only contracting.”
At the same time, he said his government will hire more labor inspectors, adding inspectors cannot be inspecting around 1,000 establishments a day.
He further said that he ordered the Department of Labor and Employment to deputize trade unions to conduct inspections of all establishments in the spirit of tri-partism.
But he asked the labor unions who will act as inspectors to report the truth in the spirit of transparency and truthfulness.
Also during the Labor Day observance, he announced that he has decided to ratify International Labor Organization (ILO) Convention 151.
“I will do the same for the Senate for its concurrence. May this serve as a symbol of government’s commitment to continuously uphold the aspiration of a corrupt-free civil service,” he said.
Like in his previous speeches, the President renewed his determination to fight graft and corruption in government as well as illegal drugs.
In fact, he said he has fired some government officials who committed misdeeds even though they were with him for a long time.
This year’s Labor Day observance has a theme “Matatag na Kabuhayan at Trabaho Tungo sa Progresibong Pagbabago.” ###PND