News Release

Statement by Presidential Communications Secretary Martin Andanar on the observance of the Holy Week

We are one with the whole Catholic community in the Philippines and in the world in observing the Lenten seaon.

Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, let us remind ourselves of the ultimate sacrifice, rooted in love and compassion, by our Lord Jesus Christ for the salvation of all.

May the Lenten period be a time of reflection and may its essence guide us to act with love, hope, and compassion towards others as we collectively endure the present challenges.

May it further inspire us to persevere with faith and peace in our hearts, and to help bring significant changes in our society, especially as we continue recovering from this pandemic.

Let us continue to observe the health and safety protocols to protect ourselves from the virus, and ensure our safety and those of our loved ones. We also ask those in the areas that have been placed under ECQ to stay at home as religious gatherings have been prohibited and to adhere to the 6pm to 5am curfew hours.

We wish everyone a safe observance of Holy Week.