News Release

President Duterte commends 250th PAW during Bluebirds Night

President Rodrigo Duterte on Thursday, September 14, graced the Bluebirds Night, a gathering of officials and members of the 250th Presidential Airlift Wing, in celebration of its 49th anniversary.

“I’d like to thank you all for organizing and inviting me to the Bluebirds Night. This event which is part of the 49th anniversary celebration of the 250th Presidential Airlift Wing will surely strengthen our camaraderie, fellowship and unity as active and retired Blue Birds,” the President said in his message during the event held at the Philippine Air Force Officers’ Club, Villamor Air Base.

“As a special unit intended to provide safe and secure air transport to the President, your 200-strong organization bears immense responsibility,” he said.

The President commended the 250th PAW for formulating a flight operations manual and the various awards it received that serve as proof of its unwavering dedication and commitment, particularly in ensuring flight safety.

The President likewise congratulated the 250th PAW as it celebrates its 49th anniversary, noting that for almost 50 years, it has been a reliable partner and a trusted arm of the presidency.

He then thanked the men and women of the 250th PAW for ensuring his safety during his travels.

According to the Chief Executive, the procurement of additional aircraft facilities is underway, noting its importance for PAW’s enhancement of its capabilities as a unit.

“I guarantee you, you will have the full support of the government in the performance of your mandate,” the President said, expressing his hopes that PAW officials and personnel remain true to their oath to protect the presidency — not himself personally but for the Republic and the people.

He added that he has high hopes that the 250th PAW will always soar high with its gallantry and fervor as it keeps the country safe and strong even in the most trying times. ###PND