News Release

From the Office of the Executive Secretary

The Office of the Executive Secretary informs that firecrackers and pyrotechnic devices which contain gunpowder exceeding two (2) grams or 1.3 teaspoons or those using sulfur and/or phosphorus mixed with chlorates are strictly prohibited to be sold, manufactured, distributed and used. Also prohibited are Piccolo; Super Lolo; Whistle Bomb; Goodbye Earth; and Atomic Big Triangulo.

We likewise ask the public to take note of the list of firecrackers (pumuputok) and pyrotechnic devices (umiilaw) allowed under Republic Act (RA) No. 7183, which include the following:

Firecrackers: Baby rocket; Bawang; Small triangulo; Pulling of strings; Paper caps; El diablo; Watusi; Judah’s Belt; Sky rocket (kwitis); and other types that are equivalent in explosive content.

Pyrotechnic Devices: Sparklers; Luces; Fountain; Jumbo regular and special; Mabuhay; Roman candle; Trompillo; Airwolf; Butterfly; all kinds of pyrotechnic devices; and other types equivalent to the foregoing devices.

Executive Order No. 28, which the President signed earlier this year, provides for the regulation and control of firecrackers and other pyrotechnic devices. The EO limits the use of allowable firecrackers to “community fireworks display.” Such use qualifies as community fireworks display if they are conducted as part of a celebration held in a venue other than the place of residence, and under the supervision of a trained person licensed by the Philippine National Police (PNP), and allowed by the municipality or city through a permit which specifies the date, time, and specific area in which it will be conducted.

For pyrotechnic devices that are allowed such as sparklers, they may be used within residential premises.

As the celebration of the New Year nears, we reiterate our appeal to all Filipinos to abide by these regulations.

Let us all have a safe New Year celebration.