Speech of President Rodrigo Duterte during the Opening Ceremony of the 27th Philippine Orthopaedic Association Mid-Year Convention
SMX Convention Center Lanang, Davao City
04 May 2017

Salamat po. Kindly sit down.
Medyo na-ano lang ako sandal. I have to consult with my doctor. He’s also here si Edward Lim. Dumaan ako sa kamay niya. Okay na ako.

Assistant Secretary Abdullah Dumama, Department of Health; Dr. Paul Cesar San Pedro, the Philippine Orthopaedic Association National President; Dr. Dan Vergara, President Philippine Orthopaedic Association sa South Mindanao Chapter; Dr. Ellewelyn Pasion, Secretary General, ASEAN Orthopaedic Association; Dr. Judith Valerie Akol, Chairperson of Orthopedics; Dr. Julyn Aguilar, ex-officio Board of Trustees, Philippine Orthopedic Association; the officers and members of the Philippine Orthopaedic Association; distinguished guests; mga aking kababayan.

You know, every time I have a talking engagement, the staff, they call it the Presidential Management Staff, would prepare just two or three pages in bold letters.

So you can just imagine how short it could be. I can finish this in two minutes exactly and I have to leave the event. Ayaw ko namang ganunin kayo kasi…

The run-of-the-mill, indeed if there is a medical specialist who can accurately understand the many intricacies and aptly captures every phase of Filipino life, it will be orthopaedic. I could not even understand what they’re saying. [laughter]

Baka… It’s prepared by my staff, the office is called Presidential Management Staff, the PMS.

So I’d like to talk to you a little bit longer. Sayang ang panahon ninyo nagpunta dito. Ewan ko lang kung it’s purely for junket.

Alam mo pag ka ‘yung, sa totoo lang ‘yung mga ganitong mga convention-convention, walang iba ano ‘yan, para makapasyal lang. [laughter] Totohanan lang. [applause] Iyan naman talaga ang totoo.

Maski kami noon sa gobyerno. Hindi ako uma-attend. Sumisibat talaga ako. [laughter] Prosecutors’ League, mga ganon, election… Sa ‘pag bayang magiliw— And even in Congress, pagkatapos, go to the cafeteria, drink coffee kunwari then take the side door and manood na ako ng sine. [laughter]

I went back to being mayor because I could not stand the… Sabi nga nitong si, first time I met, Maki, itong si Maki sa GMA, Pulido. Tinanong niya ako na ano… Every time… First day that we heard the convening of Congress, distribution ‘yan sa mga committee and I said, ‘Mayor Duterte…’ Sanay na ako diyan eh, ‘…ano ang committee mo?’

Sabi ko, ‘Ma’am, bored ako.’ Hindi, hindi, hindi, ang tawag ko dito sa kanya ninyo, hindi board, committee.’

‘Ma’am talagang bored.’ ‘Hindi nga eh. Committee nga eh, hindi nga board.’ Sabi ko, ‘Ma’am, boredom.’ [laughter] ‘I am bored to death in this…’

Kaya ‘yan siya ang… Initially nagkaroon siya ng ano sa akin. Sabi niya, ‘toxic ka mag-sagot.’

So I’d like to talk to you about… Maybe narinig na ninyo, baka hindi. But I’d like to reiterate something else. And that is my promise to the Filipino people.

It was just a simply a sloganeering but I really meant it, every word of it. I made a few promises. Program of government. Well, ganon din. You could count it by the fingers of your hands and parang maawa ang…

In the fullness of God’s time. You give me three years and I will be able to stabilize the country. By that time, medyo on deck na tayo for a new phase of our national lives.

Dito ngayon, at this time, it’s quite convoluted itong mga problema natin. But I’m trying to manage somehow to navigate the waters of governance so that I can deliver.

First of all, I remember, I just gave about five promises. I said that I would stop graft and corruption. Then, said I would stop or suppress the drug problem, which was really very scary.

The third is that, I’ll do my best to control crime because there is always a crime everywhere.

And sabi kong isa, I remember very distinctly and I said I will allow… I was asked, one of the questions asked during the presidential debates, I remember I was asked with the same question for all, but two of us gave the affirmative and I said, I will allow the burial of President Marcos.

And fourth was the economic, I said, I do not know economics. I hate the subject. I do not want the even… I could not even make out of a graph. Iyong ganun. Why don’t you just place there in plain words, this is what we got, minus the expenses then dito ang neto mo sa araw na ito. And so sabi ko, I’m not an economist.

I did [take] up economics. But I remember , I forgot but it was always the line of seven. Lahat naman ng grado ko seven eh. Pare-pareho lang ‘yan. [laughter] Basta, huwag lang mag-74.

Really, you can ask any classmate of mine whether… I was not that so much into, this 8, 9. Para sa akin, you don’t need it. 75, 95 pareho akyat kayo doon sa second year. [laughter]

Same for the third, fourth, fifth. It was only in the College of Law where I really had to strive because at that time I lost my father and I got nervous.

Medyo alangan na ako that you know, life could be harsh without a father. Pero ‘yung sa lower years sabi ko, I’ll get the best of the economic minds to my knowledge.

And most of them were really… Well, the Finance Secretary is Sonny Dominguez. He’s my childhood… We’re neighbors and we grew up together and Kindergarten pa eh, he was always in the 90s.

And well I started with this line of seven. Grade 2, Grade 3, Grade 4, Grade 5. He maintained the 90s. I maintained the 75, 76, 77. But surprisingly we were together all the time. Hindi naman siya nakalamang.

But then when I became President, I said I do not know. I got the best mind, he was always the valedictorian. And he studied somewhere in… I don’t know if he went to Wharton. Silang dalawa ni [laughter] ni Roxas.

Mine is the Watson. [laughter] May toiletries and everything. So I got the… Yasay was my roommate. We were taking up law. Si Billy Dulay, ‘yung BIR was right in front of my door and Bebot Bello, also they were taking up law but he was studying at Ateneo. Yasay studied at UP Padre Faura.

I was in San Beda. But almost one year lang ang diperensya namin, nagkita-kita rin kami. But, the best of, so nakita niyo ‘yung lahat mga empleyado ninyo sa gobyerno, actually hindi, walang taga-Maynila diyan halos. They’re from Davao or the people I met sa College of Law and ‘yung mga brod ko na mauutak.

Vit Aguirre was a cum laude sa aming klase. Art Tugade was the valedictorian and he’s really very bright and he’s good and he’s a billionaire already.

Sonny he owns the Marco Polo. Ako, I’m planning to buy a motel because it’s easy to clean up, it’s only three hours. [laughter]
Being short only, for a while. Short time. Parang taxi ‘yan eh. Pumapatak ang ano.

Kung mag-negosyo ako, motel na pinagbili na dilapidated na, I could fix it up and… But not as rich as Sonny.

You know, most of them are really… Pernia is an emeritus of UP. Taguiwalo is a leftist. She admitted she was detained for so many years. There are communists in my Cabinet. Taguiwalo, Mariano.

And sayang si Gina. I really like her passion but I remember talking about her in one of — ganitong gathering. It was not about the purpose for which they were really gathered in Malacañang, but I made a pinch-hit for her. You know how it is, this is a democracy. And lobby money talks.

I do not control everything. I am the head of the Executive department, the President. Congress is controlled by the Senate President and the Speaker. The lower house and the upper house. Supreme Court is a collegial body but the affairs are administered by the court administrator.

So hindi ko talaga kontrolado ang lahat. Gusto ko. May mga tao ako na gusto ko, pero I share powers. And that is the process of checks and balances.

The President appoints but the appointee has to undergo the scrutiny of the Commission on Appointments, which is a combination of a committee from the lower house, mga congressman, and the upper house, which is the Senate. Kagaya rin ng America. Same Constitution, copied verbatim almost.

So ‘yan ang akin. But my only consolation really is that, all of my Cabinet members are brilliant. Valedictorians, billionaires. But the sad thing is they are just my employees. The 75 rules the day. [laughter and applause]

Kaya if there’s any, any… It’s almost a cliché now. It used to be identified or peculiar to Erap. Bantay talaga kayo diyan sa ‘yung salita na weather-weather lang ang buhay. Napaka-totoo talaga.

Kaya ‘yung sabi nila on your way up, be sure to — because on your way down and… And Erap was President. He was ousted, imprisoned then there’s a resurrection. He’s now the Mayor of Manila. Ganon eh.

Kaya tama talaga ‘yang sinabi niyang weather-weather lang. Gloria Arroyo was imprisoned for most of the years that Aquino was in the presidency. Pero kami noong mga, kaming mga government, mayors na nagha-handle kami ng intelligence fund, hindi mo talaga makulong ‘yung tao.

Kasi ang ano niyan ang Presidente eh. At saka dapat kung anuhin ‘yan, he has to check. Check and check and check and counter-check. Kasi hindi malaman kasi kung sinong pagbigyan.

Pero ako, I always insisted on the yellow paper na natanggap ninyo ito. And besides ‘yung intelligence ng ano, maliit lang. ‘Di kagaya sa national na it runs into billions even.

But you know for purposes of harassment, you can always be placed in jail until such time that you are freed by the Supreme Court which came too late, only after so many years.

So by the way, ako naman, I said I will stop corruption. I have fired about 96 to date. Mostly guys in the regulatory bodies. I just suspended ‘yung sa Energy, si Salazar because of corruption. But I will eventually remove him, ‘yung lahat sila.

And I even removed… In the Cabinet meeting, I fired one Cabinet member. Hindi ako nakapigil eh because he was lying through his teeth. And he didn’t know that — in front of me there’s the document that he said na hindi niya nabasa. It was an opinion rendered by his own office, department. And he went broad to buy a truck, fire truck worth 18 million. Sabi ko, itong aking 911, it’s the best in the country. As a matter of fact, you can visit it and even ‘yung security unit ng siyudad.

Hindi naman ganon kamahal. My fire trucks are Isuzu, 7, 8 million. But an 18 billion is too much. And it was a transaction entered into by the Aquino administration. So it was really an overpriced, so there was a case filed. It’s still pending and his office advised him not to proceed with the second tranche. There were already deliveries.

Noong nalaman ko pumunta siya doon to sign, sinabi ko, ‘Bakit, wala ba kayong nakapagsabi sa kanya na tagilid ‘to?’ Sabi nila, ‘Sir, binigyan namin siya ng memo.’ So when he came back, I asked him in a Cabinet meeting and he denied. So I got pissed off and I said, ‘You’re fired. Get out of this office. I don’t want to see you anymore.’ Talagang lying to his teeth nga.

Hindi naman kasi ako ganon pero sabi ko, sabi ko sa inyo… And there was this guy who was with me since 1988 when I became mayor of the city. I’ve been mayor for 23 years, four times. I’ve never lost an election until the presidency.

Ito naman, noong tinanong siya about his aide, sabi ko, ‘Kung anong pinag-usapan niyo ng aide ko, iyon na ‘yun.’ Sagot mo para mo akong… So I fired him. I told my aide to call him, he’s fired.

So I’m really trying my very best. Dito ngayon… You know, it’s the only… It is the only thing that is — that matters most to us.

Kayo lang ang tao eh. It is only the Filipino who can stop corruption. It is not me.

I can control it but kung talagang gusto ninyong hintuin, kayo lang. All you have to do is to stop giving or do not give them to the ones. Ke ma-Customs, ke ma-BIR, ke sa Professional Regulatory Commission, huwag kayong magbigay ‘pag hiningian kayo. At ‘yan ang itinuturo ko pati sa maliliit na tao. Sabihin mo, ‘P***** i** ka, sampalin kita ngayon.’ [laughter] Ganunin mo. And even the Customs now are not allowed to pry into the bagahe.

I’m sure you had been abroad recently. Wala na. You are just waved through. I cannot fathom the purpose of opening the bags. When you are deplaned, it passes doon sa bodega and there’s a huge warehouse sa loob ng tinitindigan mo diyan sa airport. Then there are scanners, apat ‘yan. So they would see any contraband or prohibited item inside your bags.

So pagdating diyan sa labas, the practice and even today when the day I was President, it’s a standard to open, lalo na ‘yung mahihirap. Lalo na ‘yung OFW. They have developed a keen sense of identifying sino ‘yan eh.

Well, most of us, tayong mga congressman, mga mayor, we are just waved through at no matter how long the bagahe dala-dala namin, okay lang ‘yan. But itong mga OFW, ito ‘yung mga mahirap, the poor ones, are really the guys that suffers. Iyong bag nila buksan, OFW then may mga padala na kinukuha pa.

So my first order sa kanila, ‘Do not open. You open and you do not find anything there, I’ll dismiss you.’ What’s the purpose of opening the bags? Kaya diyan wala na ngayong ano, and even sa ‘yung hingi-hingi.

And in my time when I was mayor, it take you about three days to have your business permit. Tapos noon may business permit pa, may permit pa doon sa bumbero sa electrical. So you have another separate examination for the electrical wiring. Then the bumbero sits on the paper, the fireman and you have to buy a fire extinguisher from him to. P****** i**, isaksak ko sa p*** ninyo ‘yan. [laughter] Stop it.

So sa corruption, we are… Takot eh. Kaya sabi ko sa kanila talaga, p***** i**, sasampalin ko talaga kayo. And even if you ask your mayor, maski tanungin niyong mayor ninyo and your governor. I called them, then locked Malacañan. I never allowed the media to go in.

Sinabi ko sa kanila, P***** i** kayo, oras pumasok kayo sa droga, papatayin ko kayo. I will ambush you, poison you, bomb you, whatever. Steal your wife from you. [laughter and applause] So that we’ll just have a problem. Not really because I want to steal somebody’s — somebody else’s wife. Bibigyan kita ng problema. I will kidnap your… Sabi ko, do not do it.

If you want to remain in your — between now until election time — do not do it. Iyong iba, governors ganon rin. Tanungin ninyo ‘yung governor niyo. I had them locked inside, gave them a sumptuous merienda, pa-kondisyon kayo [laughter] and here’s the shocker: I will kill you. I will really kill you. And that’s why the rapporteur of the UN is here, investigating extrajudicial killing.

You know, when I was mayor, Davao was better off. And so medyo lumaki ang Davao, gumana. You can see around. You can walk around nights, you’re safe. So what did I tell them when I was mayor? I said, ‘Do not destroy my city.’ I’m having so many problems of governance. I need the money to pay for the teachers, policemen, allowances, lahat na. The ones who clean the city, the bureaucracy, the firemen and their allowances. Where will I get the money if you guys will scatter your…

So go out of the city because I will kill you. Do not destroy the young por Dios, because I will really kill you. At ‘yung iba ayaw maniwala, Tagalugin na lang natin para ‘yung hindi nakaintindi, hindi talaga nila maintindihan rin ‘yun. [laughter] Kailan man na. Iyon.

And when I became the President, that was the same thing I said to you, right? And during the campaign, that’s what I promised. It is a covenant between you and me. That here is my program of work, very limited, but if you elect me President, I will do this. And I’m doing it. So okay tayo.

Drugs are a little bit controlled now. Many died along the way because they refused to give up. But kung sabihin mo that I killed a person on his knees or on bended knees, naka-out stretch his hands, nag-surrender, do not believe that. That’s pure s***. Maski sinong lalaki, tayo among… Just talking, man-to-man tayo.

How can you kill a person kneeling down? There were deaths caused by encounters talaga because my message to the police and military, very simple: ‘Arrest them if it is possible, still if it’s longer possible, then if they confront you with a violent resistance and you feel that you’d lose your life in the process, kill them.’ Iyon lang ang inutos ko, which is really the rule, the criminal law of all lands. That when your life is in danger, especially if you are a peace officer, that’s self-preservation. Self-defense. But for ‘yung — for the deaths of the others na ano… You must remember that right after I assumed office, I fired nine generals of the police. What do you think?

I did not start operating against the drug syndicates until after two months. But behind me, you step… Even during the approach of the campaign, there were a lot of killings. So what does that tell you? They were slaughtering themselves because they were trying to keep the secrets all to themselves.

Wala akong pinatay na sabihin mo na… And besides, itong mga, especially the EU, ‘Look at this guy, he says that I will kill you.’ Totoo ‘yan. That’s true. I’ve been saying, ‘I will kill you.’ ‘I will kill anybody…’

For God’s sake, until now I have not killed anybody. I will kill you. Si “I” did not kill anybody until now. Bakit ninyo ako surang-surangin niyan? [laughter]

I said, ‘I will kill you.’ I have never killed anybody. But my message to the law enforcement was very clear: that if their life is in danger or placed in jeopardy, go ahead, you are not supposed to sacrifice your life.

At saka ganito ‘yan. Bakit talaga ako galit? You know, that’s why we are working because we’re just… Mahirap lang tayo. Hindi naman tayo mayaman lahat eh. Siguro kayo, kung ‘yung may-ari talaga ng ospital. Putol nang putol kayo ng paa diyan kasi… [laughter] I hope may rason ‘yun ha. [laughter] ‘Pag sinabi nila, p***** i**, ‘adre may gangrene na ito. [laughter]

Pag ‘yung wala nang tina ang — p***** i**, ano ito? ‘Yung dye? Jobus, bata, p***** i**, wala na ‘to. [laughter] Mas mahal ‘yung p**** — hindi biro lang ‘yan.

‘Yung, because ‘yung mga mayaman, walang problema ‘yan. Tayo, just enough to make both ends meet. We earn everyday but we have to do some expense. Schooling of the children, the upkeep, everything. Paano ‘yan?

So when I grow old, if God allows me to live until 90 years old, who’s gonna buy my medicines? Who’s gonna pay for the hospital? ‘Yung oxygen, sinong bibili ng p**** i** niya? Sinong mag-init ng lugaw sa akin, pagkain ko? It’s my children. And our children even sometimes pag ubos na…

My income ngayon is quite a bit high kasi paid to the last salary ‘yung insurance ko eh. So siguro about seven months in the hospital, the best care there is available. Pero after that, ubos ‘yan. Sinong magbayad? Sila Inday may problema man rin ‘yan. Mayor lang ‘yan ngayon pero by the time na ano, hindi man ‘yan magdala…

Ako meron akong savings nga pero mas malaki but it cannot last forever. Our children now will take care of us. If they are out of money, they mortgage the properties they acquired during their marriage. And here in the Philippines there’s no distinction between the property of the wife and the husband. Whose endeavor… It is because simply the family ties are very strong. When it is your father-in-law, it is really your father also. Kaya makapag-utang-utang ka na lang, you borrow money, you mortgage everything, just to keep alive. Na hindi naman natin gusto.

Ako I’m 72, by the time I’m through with my job, I’d like to just[whistle]… I do not want to stay long here. There’s really no purpose in. Look, I’ll give you an example of the inutility of life.

Iyang People’s Park ko, noong bago pa ‘yan may mga matatanda. A lot of old guys here, the old fogeys of Davao, they would line up. They’d bring their own chair and they sunbathing, the morning sun.

Minsan maraming reklamo kasi inaatake, minsan — ‘yung iba walang upuan. So I ordered that a doctor and a nurse should be stationed there during the early hours na mag-exercise itong mga matatanda. And to provide the chairs and the blankets.

So minsan nagpunta ako just to make sure that my order was followed. I went there but I was wearing… I do not wake up early morning. Ibig sabihin wala akong tulong pagka-umaga ang ano ko. I am a night person. My day starts at 1. So wala akong tulog but maaga ako, nakaganun lang ako. Kunyari tumitingin ako sa mga bata, nagjo-jogging, ‘yung mga dalagita, [laughter] ‘yung mga… Itong mga buang, naka-ganun ‘yan sila lahat. Eh maingay itong mga bata. Shouting slogan. So by the time the girls pass by in front of them, they would automatically look up. The old, the old, [looks up], hindi pa makahabol sa… Iyong iba sa mga yaya, hawakan itulak na ganun. [slowly turns his head] Tapos isauli. Mag-ikot eh. Pagdating ganun na naman sila lahat. Marinig nila eh maski bungol na ang mga buang. Malakas magtakbo, naiiwanan ang — itutulak, tapos isauli.

Kung ganun lang naman ibigay mo sa akin doc, ‘yung buto ko na baligtad, baligtarin mo uli. [laughter] Limang beses para… If that situation comes to me I pray to God take me out or I will quarrel with you. Mag-away kami ng Diyos niyan. The quality of life. But that’s the…

The second ano talaga sa akin which is — itong OFW. They go abroad. I will not name a particular country. But from what you know now obviously alam ninyo ‘yan. They work. The husband is in one country, the wife is in another country. So they leave a family. Sometimes may mga leaving behind three, four, five years old. When a family loses a father because he has to go out of the country to work, that day the family becomes dysfunctional. Without a father it becomes a dysfunctional family. Or if the mother is the one who is recruited to go out and work outside, three to four years, it is a dysfunctional family.

Ang masakit pa, the most painful to me is when the father and mother leave the country and would just leave the children with their parents or really old people also to take care of them. And they work their a** to death and sometimes in other countries you know they are being raped, abused. And sometimes they come home pregnant or even the fetus has left inside in the lavatories of the airplane.

And the hours… Alam… It’s an automatic, every Filipina who comes home, what would they tell us, that she sleeps only three to four hours a day. Right? That’s the usual complaint. I (?) to hear na sabi niya nakatulog siya ng eight hours. Then that she is allowed only the leftovers of the meals. And ang masakit diyan, ganyan ‘yang sa ano eh. I cannot mention the country because you know I will put a virus doon sa nakikinig, naiiwan ngayon. Kinakain nila pagkatapos ipalinis ang bahay sa son-in-law. Then the elder sister also who has no maid… And in some countries in Africa, whether you are bought from the slave markets there or you are a hired, sexual abuse is always there.

You know what? I went to a certain country because they were caught with religious items. So I went to the leader and asked for mercy. And the leader acceded to my pleadings. But he said, ‘you must talk to your counterparts.’ Since I was a member of the… Taga-Davao ‘yung ano eh, ‘yung mga babae. Sa Kidapawan ‘yung dalawa. So I was told to have a time with the Law and Order Committee chairman. Iyon ang sabi niya. In their urban areas maybe. But if you are assigned doon sa probinsiya na walang tao, the basic really culture is that, you are paid or you are a bought slave, sexual abuse is there.

Kaya ako, I just cannot…P*** dumudugo ang lahat ng… Hindi lang puso ko, lahat talaga pati kamay ko. Sometimes I bite my finger. Kung ganun na lang kahirap. So much indignity to endure, so much agony to suffer. Tapos pagdating nila, after all the years of working there, toil from sunset to sunrise, only to discover na ang mga anak nila and that’s one-third of the dependents of — in the survey were contaminated with drugs. Pagdating dito only to find out na ang kanilang anak hindi nag-aral, nag-shabu or that her daughter was killed because of the prevalence of drugs in the neighborhood. Kaya ako galit talaga.

That prompted me to call all the governors and mayors: Do not commit the mistakes. P***** i** talagang yayariin ko kayo. Yayariin ko talaga kayo.

Now let us place this in a proper perspective. Sabi nila, the mayor that was killed inside the jail, Espinosa sa Albuera. When he was… They say when he was killed, there was an investigation handled by the Department of Justice. The Department of Justice is under me. It’s a Cabinet position. When Vit Aguirre said that, ‘Mr. President, it looks like murder to us.’ Sabi ko, ‘Then, file the case.’ I never influenced. You can ask anybody. I just leave it as it is. I said, in the proper perspective. ‘Okay, you file the case.’ Tapos ngayon trial. ‘Okay, you can go to trial. But I will give him a lawyer. You convict him? Go ahead. Convict them.’

After conviction, all has been done legally, it is mine to do my legal thing. Why? Well, there is a residual power of President. What is it? Pardon.

So sinabi ko sa kanila, doon sa buong Pilipinas, ‘P**** i**, you can go ahead, charge him with murder, whatever you want to charge.’

I never… The Cabinet member there, the Justice Secretary never heard me even telling him to do a… ‘Sige. File, file.’ Trial? We go to trial.

Then everything okay, let’s place it again within the purview of the Constitution. And that Constitution, it’s absolute. It only says the President has the power to pardon a criminal, conditional or absolute, or an amnesty within the concurrence of Congress. Period. Nothing else.

Convicted? What? Life sentence? Accept the verdict. Then show this to the judge. ‘Mr. so and so, colonel or general is pardoned and restored to full and political rights and ordered reinstated with the promotion to boot from colonel to general.’

Laban… Labanan man kaya ito ng utak. I don’t need to tinker with the law. Hindi na kailangang bastusin ‘yung batas. Wala na ‘yan. Follow your dream. Convict if you want. Don’t make it hard for everybody.

But then again, at the end of the day, I have this legal remedy all within the Constitution. And it does not even say, ‘can pardon a criminal except himself.’ There is no exception. Does not… Kung sana inilagay, except to himself, then I cannot pardon myself.

But since it’s a blank authority before I leave Malacañan, pardon is hereby given to Rodrigo Duterte. [laughter and applause] Signed, Rodrigo Duterte. [laughter]

I’m sure that they will be filing charges against me. For what? I said, I will kill you. I have never until now, killed anybody.

I never said I will order the police or the military to kill you, no. What I said arrest them. If it’s still impossible, take them into the folds of the law. But if you are confronted with… That was my order.

My independent, because of my rage in my heart, because it pains me deeply that you are… We are now four million confirmed addicts.

When I became President, I ordered you all surrender because I will kill you. That was a gambit and you saw these hundreds of thousands surrendering and even policemen and all.

You were there before your eyesights. Before there sa TV, thousands upon thousands everyday surrendering.

So the figure of Santiago of three million. And if I add mine, I breached the million mark last December. 1.8 million ako. So how many of those four million are already insane?

Because constant use of shabu, the forensics of America says, constant use of shabu will shrink the brain of a person. So when the brain is shrank, he is insane. You will agree with me that if an insane person or out of his, off his rocker, if he kills and if he… Because the guardian angel was whispering to him that he… He killed both of his parents because his guardian angel was whispering — because he will suffer all kinds of hallucinations and everything. Pinatay niya.

You will agree with me, you are all doctors. Can we try him? Can we try a person who is an insane person? Can he be held responsible for his actions? No. Because he is insane. And the doctor would say we’ll open up his… His brain is only half the size of the original.

Now, during the trial, he might be sane during the commission of the crime. But the time he is tried, he cracks up. And the lawyer would say, ‘Your honor, we would like to ask for a preliminary hearing to determine whether or not my client is in his mental, normal mental faculties.’ Can he withstand trial? And of course the doctor would say he cannot even answer a simple question. He is out of his mind. He cannot stand trial.

So before I assumed office, we counted no particular administration. I will not name any. But 77,000 Filipinos died within the last five years. Drug-connected crimes. Who will answer for these? The Human Rights of America? The UN body? Can they pay compensation for the 77,000 lives? How many dead persons they say? They said 10? It’s impossible.

During my term here in 23 years, maybe 600. Yes, I will admit that. In line of duty. I never would condone killing, shooting a person at the back or kneeling down before you. That’s crazy. So who will now answer for this? Who will now answer for the bleeding hearts? Sila? Sila mismo mag-sabi mag-tulong kami?

Paano ‘yung bata? How many times have you read, have come across any pages of a newspaper, child. It’s almost a daily occurrence, child raped. Six months, eighteen months, one year old, mangled.

Here in Davao, sa Mandug. When we discovered the body of the child that’s eighteen months, the cavity, abdominal cavity was ripped open.

And I’ll tell you straight. Let me be very frank. When I told the guy, ‘Why did you do it?’ ‘You know, I’m always like that when the fancy strikes me. And when I cannot find anybody to rape, I go for the goats.’ Kambing nila.

So if you’re talking to that kind of a person, what would you do? Make a guess. ‘Yan ang hindi naiintindihan… That’s what has escaped them. And when you say that 10,000 were killed.

You know, it would make it up very easily that they’re all good and honest persons. So let me ask you first, 10,000, who were the 10,000 you said who were killed? Who were they, what were they doing? Iyan ang mahirap diyan sa human rights eh. Pabalabag ang mga…

Kaya ako nagalit and sumali itong State Department. At sumali naman itong si Obama. Obama was a libertarian. He was a leftist by heart but he has this complex mind.

I don’t know if it is an inferiority complex or a superiority complex. But definitely there was a conflict inside him. It was worst during his time. Because it emboldened now, he hesitated. Iyong sa Syria I said, do not (?) the red line. So when Syria decided to massacre his own, Assad is also one idiot. He is killing his own people with sarin and the lethal… How many times was it…? And he did nothing.

Mabuti pa si Trump and I had a talk with him yesterday. No, no, I‘m sorry. I had a talk with President Xi Jinping yesterday because he called four days ago to ask me if President Xi Jinping could do something about the situation regarding Kim Jong-un.

So I called President Xi Jinping. I am calling you at the behest of the President of the United States, President Trump. And we are all agreed in the ASEAN and even President Trump, that you can do something. Actually, the biggest contribution of all others is your intervention.

So I am not at liberty to talk about it because I have to convey my message to… President Trump has not called me yet. But if he’ll call me and said what did — how did it go? What transpired? Then I will tell him.

But definitely we are getting the help of everybody here. And President Trump, it is recorded. It was recorded. I know that he was recorded, we were recording it also here.

And he said, ‘you’re doing fine’. ‘Yeah’. And he said, ‘you know the son of a…’ He mentioned a… I will not mention the country. [laughter] ‘He is pouring drugs…’ If you want to hear the recording, I’ll be happy to make it public. [laughter] But I have to tell the White House that I am going to.

But of course everybody knows that you are being… Of course China was listening. Of course Russia was listening. Everybody is listening. Even now everybody is listening. I know that China is listening.

But Obama chastising me. Now, here comes Trump, ‘Oh you’re doing alright!’ So, [sings] where do I go from here? [laughter]. Is it Obama or Trump?

So at the end of the day, it is you and you alone will answer for all the things that will happen to this country.

Ako ‘yan. So I take full responsibility for the killings of the soldiers, of the policeman. I take full responsibility. If it says it’s 10,000 then I — that’s mine and mine alone. But do not attribute to me killings which I never ordered or did.

But for all of the killings that were in accordance with my order and something was done excessively wrong or there was something went very wrong, I will answer for it.

Do not worry. I will answer for it. And if I go to hell, I will do it. If I will rot in jail, I’d be happy to do so. At least I have done something for my country. At least. [applause].

And so with that, I could not talk about orthopedics because I only knew about the science when I could not… They say it was karma. [laughter]

My mother said that’s karma because of the killings that… [laughter]I never did that, so I could not raise it.

But now, even if she’s here. [laughter] I could knock her. I could not even, I could not even embrace. My embrace was only up to the waist. [laughter] So, can you raise it higher?

I said, I have… But now here? Here? It’s okay. So do not forget the orthopedics as much important as anybody else in the medical science.

Thank you and good afternoon.

— END —