Duterte’s KL trip to boost Phl-Malaysia ties, 11 Nov. 2016

DAVAO CITY — President Rodrigo Duterte’s official visit in Malaysia is expected to produce various developments in infrastructure, agribusiness and maritime security which will keep the country busy in the coming months.

Duterte during an early morning press conference on Friday, November 11, following his arrival from a two-country visit in Thailand and Malaysia said that the implementation of the development projects will be next year. 

“They showed keen interest in infrastructure, mass transportation development, building of regional centers, joint ventures in agribusiness, halal-certified products and high value post harvest processing facilities,” the President said. 

Duterte revealed that he opened the country to the Malaysian businessmen who expressed confidence in many of the opportunities for investment and promised the investors an environment that is conducive for industries. 

“I tasked the Department of Trade and the Industry to follow through and ensure trade and investment with our 10th largest trade partner as it continues to grows, and I refer to Malaysia,” he said.

During Duterte’s visit in Malaysia where he met with Prime Minister Najib Razak, they also talked about strengthening the Philippines and Malaysia’s partnership for a safe and secure region aside from making them a part of the phase towards the attainment of peace in Mindanao.

“As ASEAN brothers and maritime nations, we recognized that cooperation between our countries by the other stakeholders is key to ensure that our sea lanes are not used for illegal purposes or criminal activities,” Duterte said.

He said that Malaysia’s leader has committed to explore available options to ensure greater collaboration with the Philippines in making the waterways between them safe and added that the Philippines will be unremitting in the efforts to address criminality both on land, water and along the borders.   

Aside from maintaining  good partnership with Malaysia and other ASEAN neighbors, Duterte also said the ties with the United States that go back centuries will be honored. 

Duterte is going around the neighboring ASEAN countries including China to invite investors and renew friendships. He also made sure that efforts to continue to make the country better and safe will be unrelenting, including his war on illegal drugs. “I will sail the state of the nation and it should be pushed by the wind doing of self-interest only. The self-interest of our nation,” Duterte said.PND