Press Briefing of Presidential Spokesperson Ernesto Abella
Press Briefing Room, New Executive Building
06 December 2016
OPENING STATEMENT:PRESIDENTIAL SPOKESPERSON ABELLA: Good afternoon, Press Corps. We’d like to share with you two or three items which are of interest.

Last night, President Rodrigo Roa Duterte during the Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony mentioned that he got a — he received a 5-billion peso check from PAGCOR, which he promised to give half of to DSWD and to Department of Health.

And he said, in his words, “Sabi ko, ma’am inyo na ito. Just see to it that it’s not lost along the way, that no corruption will take place.”

And he said also further, “So kayong Pilipinas,” referring to the Filipino nation, “na nakikinig sa akin ngayon, may mga reseta kayo, go to the DSWD or hanapin mo ang inyong city health or the hospital itself and we’ll buy the medicines for you.”

It’s the President’s intention, it’s of improving the wellbeing of the nation and this is actually part of, in a sense, an expression of his campaign promises — one of his campaign promises or campaign questions which he usually asks people, “Have you received health care?” 

On another — coming from another department, from the Department of Public Works and Highways. The Department of Public Works and Highways Secretary Mark Villar announced, has announced the construction of a pedestrian bridge directly connecting Ninoy Aquino International Airport Terminal 3 with Newport City which is on track and due to open on the first half of 2017. 

And he said that once completed, the runway will allow the average person to walk the distance between the airport and Newport City in approximately three minutes. It will be an enclosed air-conditioned bridge with PWD-friendly facilities such as moving walkways and elevators. It will have a modern eye-catching design which may be an iconic landmark in the Pasay City skyline. 

In business, Coca-Cola Philippines plans to invest one billion dollars more in the Philippines. Coca-Cola FEMSA Philippines, the bottler and distributor of Coca-Cola in the country announced its plan to invest one billion dollars more in the Philippines within the next few years.

The plan comes on the back of the 1.4 billion dollars that Coca-Cola has already invested in the country between 2010 and 2014. The efforts include adding two new bottling lines to its Misamis Oriental plant, the rebuilding of its Tacloban plant, and the purchase of a manufacturing facility in Davao del Sur from San Miguel Corporation, which speaks of a positive outlook in terms of economics in the Philippines. 

Also, from the Office of the Presidential Assistant for the Visayas Martin Diño: “In just 26 days after President Duterte mandated to relocate the beneficiaries to their new homes, we have successfully relocated 827 Yolanda families out of 911 that was ruffled to their new homes as of December 3, 2016. OPAV excepts more families to be relocated to their new homes before Christmas as soon as other relocation sites are ready complete with electrical connection and potable water supply.”

And also, again on a more positive note, Secretary Silvestre Bello presented last night, during the Cabinet meeting, the proposal to acquire Postbank and convert it into an OFW or a workers’ bank.

Only three government banks have been servicing the needs of Filipinos: Land Bank for agri; DBP for industry; and Postbank for savings.

And this particular move is an undertaking to show appreciation for the OFWs as our modern-day heroes. 

Remittances account for 9.8 of gross domestic product and 8.3 of gross national income. Therefore, there’s a need now for a more specialized financial institution for OFWs to cater to their needs and aspirations.

That’s about all. That summarizes it. Any questions?


Rose Novenario (Hataw): Good afternoon, sir. Sir, may statement po si Vencer Crisostomo ng Anakbayan, leftist group po ito ng mga kabataan, na ang sabi po nila, ang resignation daw po ni Vice President Leni Robredo sa Gabinete ay hudyat ng Liberal Party “restoration plan”, na ang ibig sabihin daw po ay inilalayo daw po ng Liberal Party ‘yung sitwasyon, sa pagpapanagot po ng Duterte administration sa mga katiwalian noong nakaraang administrasyon. So parang idina-divert daw po ng LP ‘yung issue tungkol po doon sa resignation ni VP Leni sa Gabinete at doon po sa pagtutol sa Marcos burial. Ano po ‘yung reaksyon ng Palasyo rito?

PRESIDENTIAL SPOKESPERSON ABELLA: Regarding the ano, regarding the intentions of diverting attention, we cannot comment on that. We cannot comment on that. 

However, the resignation of… Let me just again, let me quote the President regarding the resignation. He said, “it is with a heavy heart that I accept the resignation of Vice President Leni Robredo”. This was his comment.

So basically it’s not our part to be commenting on the intentions of the Liberal Party. 

Ms. Novenario: At may panawagan pa po ‘yung Anakbayan na seryosohin daw po ng Duterte administration ‘yung pagpupursige po ng pagsasampa ng kaso laban po sa mga nakaraang opisyal gobyerno, tungkol po sa corruption, like DAP, tungkol po daw doon sa Mamasapano incident, at sa paggasta raw po, pagwawaldas daw po diumano ng calamity funds at tsaka agricultural funds.

PRESIDENTIAL SPOKESPERSON ABELLA: Everything is… Everything has to follow a particular process. But at this stage also, we need to attend to urgent and important matters at hand. 

But definitely these things are being — are within the scope of the intention to fight corruption and to make sure that things that have been, things are made right. 

Ms. Novenario: Thank you po.


Pia Ranada (Rappler):  Good afternoon, sir. Sir, did the President express openness last night to work with VP Robredo in any other way in the future outside Cabinet meetings, maybe to support her own programs or to entrust her with other roles? 

PRESIDENTIAL SPOKESPERSON ABELLA: What he did say was that he continues to maintain personal respect for Ms. Leni. However, regarding work-related programs. Ms. Leni is free to work as a — as she pursues her job and her responsibilities as a Vice President. 

Ted Tuvera (Daily Tribune): Good afternoon, sir. Sir, how does the Palace and perhaps President Duterte himself assess the Vice President’s performance as Housing Secretary in the last six months?

PRESIDENTIAL SPOKESPERSON ABELLA: Well, she functioned — she functioned as best as she could. And the response of the administration has been to supply whatever, whatever support that they could, given the circumstances. 

Again and again, the President says that he is a midterm President and by necessity his funds are limited according to the budget that was already set by the last administration.

However, basing on the relationships that could be seen and observed during the Cabinet meetings, the relationship between the President and the Vice President was warm. And so there’s absolutely no personal matter that — that doesn’t have to do anything with any personal clashes.

Mr. Tuvera: But, sir, based on the assessment of the President, was she able to function well as — was she able to deliver her supposed mandate as the head of HUDCC?

PRESIDENTIAL SPOKESPERSON ABELLA: Well, you know, you have to give it to — well, fair is fair. This is only within first six months ‘no. 

So whatever result that she did had to be limited to the capacity that was given to her within the first six months. 

Mr. Tuvera: Sir, still on the Vice President. Whenever the President makes decisions, he always says that he asks the concession of the Cabinet and what about here in this case of Vice President Robredo? Did he ask the comments perhaps of other Cabinet members?

PRESIDENTIAL SPOKESPERSON ABELLA: I suppose he did but it was not during — but you remember that it’s his prerogative to hire or fire or release Cabinet secretaries, Cabinet members. 

Remember that it is his personal choice and the relationship between Cabinet members and the President is based on relationship and based on trust. And should the President come to the point where he feels that he cannot fully work with or is uncomfortable with a particular Cabinet secretary, then it is his prerogative to release such a member.

Mr. Tuvera: Sir, last from my part. In prohibiting the Vice President from attending that meeting, which eventually led to her resignation, is there any gains or disadvantage on the part of the President and perhaps to the whole administration?

PRESIDENTIAL SPOKESPERSON ABELLA: From his perspective, of course, he’s able to work more comfortably.

Cedric Castillo (GMA 7): Sir, linawin lang po namin, sir. How was it supposed to work? Kasi I understand, VP Leni was not fired but she was just given the order not to attend the Cabinet meetings anymore but it was her prerogative to resign. Sir, how was that supposed to work? How was she supposed to function as HUDCC chief kung hindi siya makaka-attend, kung hindi siya pinapa-attend ng Cabinet meeting, sir?

PRESIDENTIAL SPOKESPERSON ABELLA: Well, you know, she could have… You know, she could actually function, as far as I’m concerned, as far as I understand it, I maybe wrong about it. 

But with or without her membership in the, attending the [what do you call it?] the Cabinet meetings, she could have. But I don’t know the implication — I cannot speak for that but…But then her resignation actually sealed her “fate regarding HUDCC.” So she took the move and she resigned and that was the end of the HUDCC relationship.

Mr. Castillo: Pero, sir, would you just say that it was somewhat of a calculated move on the part of the administration? Kasi paano ka nga naman magfa-function kung hindi ka naman uma-attend? Parang, was it expected that there would be, it would lead eventually to a resignation, sir?


Mr. Castillo: ‘Yung desist order, sir.

PRESIDENTIAL SPOKESPERSON ABELLA: No, I think it began specifically with the fact that the President no longer felt comfortable working with the Vice President.

Mr. Castillo: Alright. Sir, can you please elaborate more on the phrase, was that “irreconcilable differences” or was — can you cite any specific incident or occasion or perhaps an assignment?

PRESIDENTIAL SPOKESPERSON ABELLA: Well, I cannot, I will not refer to that. I can give some form of an assessment, my assessment. That she — the President, I suppose, felt uncomfortable with her engagement with certain political actions. Okay?

Leila Salaverria (Philippine Daily Inquirer): Good afternoon, sir. Sir, you mentioned that the relationship between the VP and the President during the Cabinet meetings had been warm —


Ms. Salaverria: Why did the President not talk to the VP before asking her to desist from attending the Cabinet meetings?

PRESIDENTIAL SPOKESPERSON ABELLA: I do not know the background story. I do not know the background story so I cannot say why not or why or why not. 

But the fact is, during those meetings and as far as we can see, the relationship was warm in terms of interpersonal relationship. 

However, if there were any particular actions, I believe — and I cannot confirm this — I believe that there were certain efforts to communicate to her, how the President would have wanted her to act. But that is my conjecture.

Ms. Salaverria: But, sir, would you know for a fact if before the text of Cabinet Secretary Evasco, there was a specific message to her to maybe tone down her statements or her rhetoric?

PRESIDENTIAL SPOKESPERSON ABELLA: That, I cannot say but I am assuming that they had certain conversations.

Ms. Salaverria: They, meaning the President and the VP?

PRESIDENTIAL SPOKESPERSON ABELLA: Not necessarily the President but it may have been, let’s say, Cab Sec Evasco trying to communicate with her — trying to communicate with her.

Ms. Salaverria: Sir, on the – on CHED Chair Licuanan —


Ms. Salaverria: Sir, what’s the basis for the irreconcilable differences between her and the President?

PRESIDENTIAL SPOKESPERSON ABELLA: Let me just go back ‘no. I think based on…On August 22, a letter, a memorandum, a circular was given. It was asking for the courtesy resignations of presidential appointees. 

In view of the President — let me just read, number one: “In view of the President’s desire to rid the bureaucracy of corruption, and to give him a free hand in achieving this objective, all presidential appointees are hereby directed to tender their unqualified courtesy…” courtesy, operative word, “resignations within seven (7) calendar days from date hereof, except the following,” of course, he says, “newly appointed”, and so forth. There were certain details.

But when I checked with the Office of the Executive Secretary, apparently there was no letter submitted from the Commissioner.

Ms. Salaverria: Contention, sir, she has a fixed term so she is not covered by any such directive to tender a courtesy resignation.

PRESIDENTIAL SPOKESPERSON ABELLA: There was a request for a courtesy resignation.

Ms. Salaverria: Sir, what does this mean now for the CHED? Will the administration continues to support its projects and policies if the chair is being asked not to attend the Cabinet meetings?

PRESIDENTIAL SPOKESPERSON ABELLA: The process continues, the Commission will be supported.

Ms. Salaverria: Thank you.

Reymund Tinaza (Bombo Radyo): Hi, sir, good noon. Sir, do you expect now that VP Robredo will be more critical in terms of the extrajudicial killings, Marcos burial, and other issues which she previously, although do not condone but he also made some negative comments about it?

PRESIDENTIAL SPOKESPERSON ABELLA: And the question is do I expect her to be more vocal?

Mr. Tinaza: Yeah, critical. 

PRESIDENTIAL SPOKESPERSON ABELLA:  To be more critical? That is her prerogative.

Mr. Tinaza: Sir, also, do we expect now na parang maging mas mabilis ‘yung trabaho sa HUDCC, ‘yung koordinasyon now na hindi na galing sa ibang partido at mismong kaalyado, tao, at ‘yung talagang, kumbaga, mas mapagkakatiwalaan na ng Pangulo ‘yung nandun sa HUDCC?

PRESIDENTIAL SPOKESPERSON ABELLA: Here’s what I can say: First, it’s not — hindi dahil sa kabilang partido but like you said, somebody that the President can trust and work with more — more ably. So, I suppose the — I’m not saying that automatically it will become faster but definitely, it will proceed. Definitely, it will proceed.

Mr. Tinaza: Sir, what — also, last. Your reaction ‘yung parang ipinapahayag ng Liberal Party and even VP Robredo na parang more on pulitika ‘yung pagkaka, well, asked na maging — na mag-desist sa attending sa Cabinet meeting and eventually his, her resignation na parang may kinalaman ‘yung Bongbong Marcos, and other political issues.

PRESIDENTIAL SPOKESPERSON ABELLA: Well, like I said, you know, in the relationship between the President and the Cabinet member, is really based on mutual trust, you know. And if mutual trust and comfort, levels of comfort. 

And if the President feels, for whatever reason that he has, that he can no longer comfortably work with a particular secretary, then it will have to be his own choice and we cannot surmise and say, ‘it’s because of politics, it’s because of this.’ It’s his choice. Thank you.

Dexter Ganibe (DZMM): Hi, Usec, good afternoon.


Mr. Ganibe: Sir, follow up lang dun sa courtesy resignation, ‘yung memorandum circular? Ano pa ba ito ngayon, effective pa po ba ito ngayon or may panibagong panawagan ang Palasyo para doon sa mga presidential appointees to adhere with the MC?

PRESIDENTIAL SPOKESPERSON ABELLA: It was not revoked. It was not revoked. But I think it was supposed to have been acted on then within seven days after it was submitted. But the circular itself, as far as I know, it has not been revoked.

Chona Yu (Radyo Inquirer): Sir, how about ‘yung ibang Cabinet members who were openly criticizing the President? Were they told also na to desist or to tone down their criticisms doon sa mga policies ng Pangulo?

PRESIDENTIAL SPOKESPERSON ABELLA: In fact, no. And, you know, and in fact, the President recognizes that [how do you put it?] that certain members, Cabinet members because of their political — because of their personal conviction and the ideological beliefs were — were actually voicing.

He allowed them that. He said, for example, this is…I like the term that he used he said, ‘”This is song of the left.” In other words, it’s expected of them. 

However, he… It’s not a double standard. I heard that. (laughter) Walls have ears. 

But basically it was a, it’s basically… It was not a political action against, it’s just simply an expression of their ideological conviction.

Evelyn Quiroz (Balita): Good afternoon, sir.


Ms. Quiroz: Sir, ‘yung August 22 memorandum niyo. Ilan ho ‘yung mga nag — mga presidential appointees na nag-file ng courtesy resignation at tsaka pati po ba ‘yung  constitutional offices like the Ombudsman, COA, CSC nag-file din ho ba sila?

PRESIDENTIAL SPOKESPERSON ABELLA: I don’t have the numbers that you’re — the specific numbers that you’re asking for but we can find out. You’re asking for?

Ms. Quiroz : Iyong numbers kasi po ang sabi niyo po ‘yung — all Presidential appointees. Kasi po na-mention niyo na presidential appointee si Chairman Licuanan kahit may fixed term, ilan ho ‘yung–?

PRESIDENTIAL SPOKESPERSON ABELLA: So we’ll find out, okay? We’ll try to get back to you. Mr. Ting of the PCOO will give back — will give you the answer.

Ms. Quiroz: Including the constitutional offices, sir, para malaman po natin.

PRESIDENTIAL SPOKESPERSON ABELLA: Including the constitutional offices.

Ms. Quiroz: Yes, sir. Sir, another question doon sa na-mention niyo five billion from PAGCOR.


Ms. Quiroz: Sabi niyo ho, sa inyo na ito. Inabot po kay Secretary Taguiwalo–?

PRESIDENTIAL SPOKESPERSON ABELLA: Hindi po it was a — it was an intention, it was an intention which they can source. Actually, they can source… Actually, it’s actually, as far as I could…As far as it was explained, it was like — it was a dedicated fund for medicine, for people who do not, who cannot  afford medicine. It’s dedicated, it’s a dedicated fund.

Ms. Quiroz: So nasa Presidential Social Fund pa rin po ‘yung — ?

PRESIDENTIAL SPOKESPERSON ABELLA: Hindi po. Well, it will be it’s… It’s assigned to, kumbaga it’s dedicated to and assigned to. I don’t know how they’ll do it but the President mentioned DSWD and DOH.

Ms. Quiroz: Thank you, sir. 

Vanz Fernandez (DZRJ): Yes, sir. I’m here. Sir,  what are the political actions that the Vice President engaged in that made the President uncomfortable?

PRESIDENTIAL SPOKESPERSON ABELLA: I cannot speculate on that. He did not mention it.

Ms. Fernandez: So what do you mean by “irreconcilable differences” as the cause of resignation? Does this mean that the President does not longer have confidence and he does not enjoy the confidence of the Vice President being the appointee?


Ms. Fernandez: Short answer.

Kris Jose (Remate): Sir, may sinasabi po sila Secretary Yasay and Lorenzana na malaking kawalan sa Gabinete si Vice President Robredo?

PRESIDENTIAL SPOKESPERSON ABELLA: Let me see. He did say that, you know it’s a…Of course, we would like to have her there, you know. 

But on the other hand, if the Vice President supposed to be the alter ego of the President, then their messaging should be congruent. Okay, so…

Ms. Jose: So, sir, sorry, sir, ha. Pero ibig niyo po bang sabihin na kapag nag-oppose ang isang official, might be on the way out na siya?


Ms. Jose: Thank you, sir. 

Mr. Castillo: Sec, sorry pahabol lang po, sir. Sir, just to be categorical about it, sir, may kinalaman po ba sa performance ni VP Leni as HUDCC chief ‘yung desist order or does the President find VP Leni’s output satisfactory, sir?

PRESIDENTIAL SPOKESPERSON ABELLA: It was not…Like the reason given was irreconcilable differences and not inefficiency. 

So based on that, it’s irreconcilable differences. It’s a question of opinion or political stance or political actions. So, it’s not about inefficiency. So, disengage yourself from that.

Celerina Monte (Manila Shimbun): Sir, ‘yung irreconcilable differences, could we say that because she’s from the yellow, from the Liberal Party?

PRESIDENTIAL SPOKESPERSON ABELLA:  No, it’s hardly that. It is a question of the political actions that she takes, which will be relative to, not directly the reason for. 

Ms. Monte: So same reason ba with Chair Licuanan kasi she was appointed by the former President?

PRESIDENTIAL SPOKESPERSON ABELLA: Hindi rin po. Again, it’s irreconcilable differences and not because of political affiliation. 

Ms. Monte: Sir, so, since CHED Chair did not submit her courtesy resignation. So apparently parang magiging patigasan na lang ba between Malacañang and CHED Chair? And what will happen if ever, will there be any effect on the performance of CHED since she could no longer attend the Cabinet meeting and apparently she’s on her own.

PRESIDENTIAL SPOKESPERSON ABELLA:  Let’s see how it unfolds. Thank you.

Ms. Monte: Pero hindi, sir, maapektuhan?


Ms. Monte: ‘Yung function if ever. 

PRESIDENTIAL SPOKESPERSON ABELLA: It all depends on how she performs.

Mr. Ganibe: Sir, taking from the opening statement. In 26 days, 827 Yolanda victims transferred to their houses through the efforts of the Presidential Adviser for Visayas? How would you compare this to the performance of the HUDCC chair which is dapat siya ang gumagawa ‘nong mga pabahay program?

PRESIDENTIAL SPOKESPERSON ABELLA: I cannot answer for that. The matter was…The Yolanda corridor was under the Special Presidential Assistant for the Visayas. Thank you.

Mr. Ganibe: Yes, sir. Pero bago siya ibinigay, sir, hindi ba, hindi siya sa ano? Noong pagbisita na lang ni Pangulo ibinigay sa Presidential Adviser sa Visayas ‘yung pag-asikaso sa pabahay?


Mr. Ganibe: Which is housing — is a housing project under the HUDCC.

PRESIDENTIAL SPOKESPERSON ABELLA: Well, as far as the — as far as that particular matter was concerned, I think it was addressed to the — it was slotted under the Office of the Presidential Assistant for the Visayas.

Henry Uri (DZRH): Secretary, anu-ano ho ang mga dapat gawin at hindi gawin at mga dapat tandaan ng mga Cabinet appointees, mga Cabinet officials, Asec, Usec, director, para manatiling buo ang tiwala ng Pangulo at hindi sila mabigyan ng text or messages na huwag ng umattend ng Cabinet meetings?

PRESIDENTIAL SPOKESPERSON ABELLA: You know, how does the…The President has again and again, he allows for dissent, he understands that, he allows for dissent. 

But in terms of certain actions, first, it’s — decisions are made consensually. You know, by consensus. And what is consensus? Basically, we may disagree but we have the same action. So, let us…

So, let’s go along those lines. You can express your…You can express your [how do you call it?] your…For example, yesterday, last night, when they were talking about the climate change, there were many, many positions and a number of positions about how to handle that. But at the end of the day, there was an agreement about how to proceed.

So, it’s essential I suppose that when we agree in here, our position should be clear that we also make the same statements outside. Not that we should also led by the…We have already decided on certain things, then outside we also express the same opinions. A certain consistency, I suppose.

Ace Romero (The Philippine Star): Usec, just a clarification. Ang sabi ni President — ni Vice President Leni she sees a Marcos factor doon sa order for her to desist from attending Cabinet meetings and then she said, she had this feeling na ‘yung Cabinet members prefer to be with Bongbong Marcos. How true is this?

PRESIDENTIAL SPOKESPERSON ABELLA: I cannot, you know, I am not privy to her emotions, you know. So, I cannot tell you whether, you know, I cannot tell you about that. 

But based on results and based on what we objectively see, the “Marcos”, if there was any, was not at all discussed and never surfaced during those meetings.

And about her feeling about being [how do you call it?] — not being wanted, I suppose that’s her subjective feeling. But I think when you are a Cabinet member, you have to be more objective about certain things.

Mr. Romero: Final question for — sa akin po. Iyong kay CHED Chair Licuanan, you mentioned about an August memorandum, but then she has been attending Cabinet meetings after that. Hindi napansin ni Presidente na bakit nandito pa ito eh August ko pa ito pinagre-resign?

PRESIDENTIAL SPOKESPERSON ABELLA: Which I suppose implies that the President is somehow a gentleman. 

Thank you very much. One last, just one last.

Mr. Tuvera: Sir, just a clarification doon sa statement ni Presidente kagabi na sabi niya he does not need to explain his orders to the police. Sir, does it mean that he does not want his policies or directives to the police questioned?

PRESIDENTIAL SPOKESPERSON ABELLA: You have to understand that this is in the midst of an operation. And you cannot make public your tactical moves.

So common sense tells you that you cannot tell everybody and make public your moves. I think it’s just a bit of common sense. 

Mr. Tuvera: Sir, last from my part. Sir, sino po ‘yung bagong AFP chief if ever may…

PRESIDENTIAL SPOKESPERSON ABELLA: Hindi ko pa po alam. I will find out.

Ms. Monte: Sir, regarding the President’s statement last night doon sa leftist group na ‘yung release of 130 political detainees. According to Secretary Bello parang apparently anchored siya doon sa bilateral ceasefire. So would it be a precondition now before releasing those political detainees?

PRESIDENTIAL SPOKESPERSON ABELLA: I don’t know if you want to call it “precondition” because it sounds very harsh and very demanding, legalistic.

But, basically, I think, what he wants is a — is a reasonable agreement that and signed, that both — both will agree, both sides, GPH and the CNN, that’s Communist Party, NDF, and, okay — will agree to — mutually agree to a ceasefire. 

So, basically, what he wants is a mutual — it’s a bilateral agreement. 

Ms. Monte: Sir, kasi sabi niya marami ng concessions na ginawa ang government, so nakukulangan ba kayo sa response naman ng NDF, ng leftist? 

PRESIDENTIAL SPOKESPERSON ABELLA: It’s a matter of talking it over. And we hope that everything will be resolved by December, by ano, by Christmas. At this stage, Christmas. Merry Christmas. Thank you.


Ms. Fernandez: Sir, one na lang.


Ms. Fernandez: Sir, I’m here. Sir, do you think demoralization has set among the rank and file of PNP because of the reinstatement of Superintendent Marvin Marcos, the regional head of the CIDG?

PRESIDENTIAL SPOKESPERSON ABELLA:  No, I think they fully understand the situation. 

And I think that’s, you know, I think that’s reading too much. I think they’re pretty much upped.

Merry Christmas, everybody.