Andanar meets Fil-Am in LA, 25 Jan. 2017

(Los Angeles, CA) – Filipino-Americans gave an enthusiastic welcome to Presidential Communications Secretary Martin Andanar in an open forum at the Philippine Consular Office in Los Angeles, California yesterday, January 23 (Los Angeles Time).

Andanar discussed various current issues in the Philippines before the Filipino-American community.

On the war against drugs, Andanar said that President Rodrigo Duterte is serious in suppressing the huge problem of illegal drugs in the  Philippines.

“The international community barely noticed the Philippines until President Duterte declared war on illegal drugs,” Andanar pointed out. He said the move to destroy the apparatus would be relentless and sustained until the last protector and pusher are put in jail or finally stopped. “Hindi po siya nagbibiro,” Andanar said.

The Presidential Communications Chief said the Duterte administration is doing its share to solve the drug menace in the country: “It’s a comprehensive answer, a comprehensive solution to solve the drug addiction problem of our country, whether it is shabu or marijuana, cocaine, heroin. And we do have a comprehensive solution to these problems with the Department of Health in the forefront.” 

Andanar assured his audience that there is nothing to worry about in Philippine-US relations, as US President Donald Trump and President Duterte share a few commonalities in their policies in their respective countries.

“The fact that the President sent Secretary Jun Esperon and myself speaks volumes about  President Duterte’s trust and confidence in President Trump,” Andanar reiterated.

He told his audience that all concerns of the Filipino-American community in the United States will reach President Duterte.

The forum, moderated by Consul-General Adelio Angelito Cruz, is the initiative of the Philippine Consulate General in Los Angeles.###Maro-Content