On PH shift to GCQ / MGCQ

Tomorrow, June 1, the country will shift to General Community Quarantine / Modified General Community Quarantine, as the case maybe.

The Administration with its whole-of-government approach has put in place interventions and measures following minimum public health standards to ensure the safety of Filipinos. We have issued guidelines that apply to workplaces, employers, and workers.

The coronavirus disease 2019, as we have said, in numerous occasions, is an invisible enemy and the world, including the Philippines, has witnessed its adverse impacts across all sectors, as there is still no miracle cure or vaccine for this dreadful virus.

The government cannot fight COVID-19 alone. We need the concerted effort of everyone. The sacrifices of our people in the past seventy or so days are laudable and we must not put these to naught. It maybe difficult for some, especially those who will physically report, but we live in extraordinary times and situation.

As more sectors and industries begin to operate, let us continue cooperating with authorities in enforcing quarantine protocols. Let us take care of each other by wearing face masks/face shields, maintaining physical/social distancing, staying at home if/when need be and avoiding crowded places, and the like. Only then we can heal and rise as one.

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